The benefits of hiring disabled workers

Historically disabled people have been part of the work force that has been over looked and underused. This has meant that employers have missed out on many potential, capable and qualified workers.

Our site aims to address this issue by helping responsible recruiters to connect with a qualified disabled audience.

We will also aim to try to combat common assumption that a disabled worker is less productive that a non disabled one and also that employing one will result in disruption and extra costs to their company. Contrary to these beliefs research has shown that the work performance of disabled people is on a par with other workers in areas such as attendance, punctuality and health and safety.

Indeed research has shown that there are many direct and indirect advantages to employing a disabled person, some of these are listed below.

Reasons to employ disabled people

  • There are a estimated 8 million disabled people in the UK, a potential market with huge spending power. By having a positive corporate image and by making your services accessible to disabled people you can tap into this groups spending power and loyalty.
  • By actively looking at employing a disabled person you immediately have a much wider pool of potential suitable candidates to choose from. Meaning you can save time and money by finding the right person more quickly.
  • A caring approach to disability issues can create a positive corporate image for your organisation, showing users and customers that you are trustworthy and responsible.
  • If you have a employee who suddenly becomes disabled then it may be easier to retain them rather than trying to recruit and retrain a new employees.
  • Disabled workers who have certain physical or mental limitations realise this and are more likely to compensate for this by showing positive characteristics like loyalty, focus and dedication.

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