Disability services jobs

There are many career opportunities for both disabled and also non-disabled people who are interested in  working in the disabled services sector. On this page we will give you general information and advice on the personal qualities you will need and also the type of qualifications and vocational training required to work in this challenging field.

Positions and vacancies are available in both the public sector & also private sector and can range from working one on one with disabled adults and children by providing them with care and support, or they could be office based positions like fundraising, administrative work etc.

Many vacancies can be found in social service departments of councils or government bodies. However there are also job opportunities in the private sector, for instance in private residential or care homes.

Qualities needed to work in the disability services sector:

To work in this specialist sector you will need excellent communication skills and capabilities to be able handle sensitive situations when they arise. Apart from these points you will also need other qualities like:

  • The ability to work as part of a team of healthcare professionals within your department.
  • Being prepared to work morning, afternoons and even night shifts, especially if you are based in a residential home.
  • Be willing to undergo regular on going training so as to keep up with the latest techniques and legislation.
  • Have the ability to compile professional reports and assessments on vulnerable people who may have psychological or chronic medical conditions.
  • Training other staff in the procedures and regulations of your department.
  • Regularly administrative work like updating patients records on their progress.
  • Liaising with other medical professionals like social workers, the police and educational psychologists etc.
  • Meeting and discussing issues with parent or guardians of people under your care.