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Our site is one of the UK’s largest niche job boards aimed at disabled jobseekers. We attracted 151,843 unique visitors to our site in December who generate over 600,000 page impressions. Over 80% of the people who visit our site are active job hunters looking for work right now.

This job site has been used by over 200 of the countries leading employers, they use us because we can successfully promote their online campaigns to their target audience.

For responsible employers who want to reach disabled jobseekers the Disability Job Board provides a ideal one stop shop for their advertising and recruitment needs.

For employers looking to advertise to jobseekers who have a disability
Our company has over 5 years experience of running specialist online job boards, and we have a long established and successful track record of advertising recruitment campaigns targeted at the UK’s disabled community.

Our mission statement is to promote your vacancies & online campaigns to the widest audience of suitable disabled candidates.

We offer superb advertising rates and up to 4 weeks advertising for each job vacancy. Your vacancy can be posted immediately and will have a detail job description that includes a option to place your company logo on there, as well as email links etc. If you are looking for extra exposure we can offer you exposure across our entire network of job boards, as well as banner and button advertising options, email campaigns, and newsletter inclusion.

Equal opportunities at work is a right for all disabled and non-disabled people. By implementing recruitment policies that combat prejudice and promote inclusion organisations will create a more healthy and productive work environment for all their staff.

For disabled people looking for work

For disabled jobseekers there are many rewarding and challenging careers available in the UK’s private sector and public sector. The Disability Job Board aims to actively support and help you by firstly providing a portal where you will find the latest employment roles available from employers who have a positive and progressive attitude towards disabled candidates. Secondly we also offer practical career advice and guidance on issues that can help you in your search for work.

Disabled people who have either a physical or psychological disability or handicap should not be discriminated against when applying for any disability jobs. They have rights under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 that makes discrimination and harassment against them unlawful. This legislation is also known as DDA, and requires public sector departments to promote equality and opportunity at work and also protects disabled peoples civil rights.

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