CV writing tips

When writing a CV you should always remember that it will probably be read by a HR (human resources) manager who does not have much time and will initially spend a maximum of two minutes scanning through it.

They will probably have received dozens if not hundreds of applications for the vacancy that you are applying for. All of this means they will be stressed and will scan a resume looking for keywords.

To get noticed follow the below CV tips:

To get noticed by them make sure your CV is concise and to the point.

Use bold fonts to highlight keywords that are related to your industry or the job that you are applying for. By doing this you will make sure they stand out and grab the readers attention.

career statement
List your career strengths and skill sets very briefly at the beginning and top of your CV in a short statement. Put these at the top so they are the first thing the recruiter reads.

spelling mistakes and proof reading
After you have written your CV use a spell checker to go over it and rectify any spelling mistakes. Also if possible ask a friend to proof read it. Remember that is your Curriculum Vitae contains any spelling errors it will be binned immediately.

A CV will promote you, so make it as readable as possible and not rambling about your life story.  As a rule it is not advisable to paste photographs of yourself in your CV. Instead list things like your qualifications, your career experience, whether you drive and also what you want to achieve in the future.

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