Banner advertising

Gain maximum exposure for your company by having your company logo and name advertised on the disability job board home page. Have your logo on our home page across our entire network of sites. More targeted than advertising alone the Disability Job Board’s managed Campaign will maximize your coverage of the disability candidate market with minimum effort.

A managed campaign combines extensive web advertising across our network of sites. If you are interested in having a banner advertisement with our site or would like more information please email your enquiry to

Banner advertising costs
If you would like to run a banner campaign then please email our advertising team at with details of your requirements and they will contact you with a discounted advertising rate.

It is vital that you run your job advertising campaign & branding campaign in a well organized manner, with over four years experience in the online job advertising industry we have alot of experience that we can share with you. We will work with you throughout your campaign, offering support as and when you need it, to help you achieve the right results. Our technical & support teams are only a phone call or email away, they can show you tips on how to best write job adverts and screening techniques to improve the quality of your candidates.

Brand building
Our site is the ideal location for you to your organization to launch its brand awareness campaign. Not only do we have a very targeted audience for your company, but we also have over four years experience in running campaigns. if you would like to discuss the campaign options that we can put to you then simply contact our office by telephone or email and let us advise you. A good example of how we can assist your branding campaign is by using your organization logo, we will allow you to add your company logo and overview to every job you post to help attract caliber candidates. This is a excellent way to publicize your company and vacancy at the same time, by giving your company greater brand exposure, to attract the best qualified applicants.

We work with you through out your campaign, offering support like advising you on designing your banner etc, as and when you need it, to help you achieve the right results.